Monday, July 30, 2018

A comparison of 1.0 and 2.0 (first release) pilot costs

I made some charts to compare point costs between 1.0 and the first release of 2.0. The inclusion of pilots is somewhat haphazard, but I compared the cheapest generics and some named pilots who kept similar abilities. I included upgrade cards where they made sense. Some other differences were noted (- are nerfs, + are buffs), but don't expect them to be comprehensive :). I've got some first impressions below.

  • Many Rebel ships got discounts, especially for their higher-skill named pilots.
  • The Rebel HWK gets special attention since it received a large buff on top of a points discount for Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors, although their abilities now require arc.
  • The big losers include Fenn Rau in the Sheathipede and the VCX-100 which lost two shields for nothing.
  • Based on some comments, I added a note about what the generic E-Wing gained and redid Corran's numbers. The extra hull helps and Long Range Scanners is nice, but I don't think it's enough given the generics' overall weakness in 1.0 and how much Corran lost in the transition.

  • The weapons platforms (TIE Aggressor, TIE Bomber, TIE Punisher, and named Star Wing) all got buffs. This is on top of the buffs to secondary weapons.
  • The named TIE Advanced pilots got some really large buffs.
  • The TIE Defender took the heaviest cost increases, but keep their token stacking on defense and got an extra shield and boost. Their defense will be stronger since attacks are generally weaker, so it'll be interesting to see if they're viable in 2.0.
  • Countdown also got a cost increase, but I think he'll be happy to trade that for the elimination of 360-degree turrets.

  • The mainline Scum ships G-1A, Kihraxz, M3-A, StarViper, and named Y-Wings all got discounts.
  • The Jumpmaster's an interesting case. It's much cheaper with the Punishing One title, but lost the 360 arc, the green/white left/right hard turns, and especially the white sloop. Without the title, it's a bit more expensive and still lost everything.
  • Like his Rebel counterpart, Fenn Rau also took the biggest points nerf for Scum.

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