Saturday, October 21, 2017

Beginner's Guide to Maneuvers

Maneuvers are the core of X-Wing, and one of the most important skills is being able to figure out where your maneuvers go. Straight maneuvers are pretty easy, since 1 straight is the length of a small ship base or half the length of a large ship base, and they scale up from there. I find judging banks and turns more difficult.

To help with this, I've made some images from VASSAL which shows you where your ships go on banks and turns. I use ship bases as the reference for distance, since you'll have these for reference on an actual board.

To use these images:
  • All maneuvers are from the small or large ship on the bottom-left corner.
  • The orange or blue numbers on the ships along the axis count out the number of ship bases.

Looking over these images might help, but reading isn't a great way to learn new material. I suggest doing these three things to improve your skills at judging maneuvers:
  1. Place a ship on a board, select a maneuver, and place another ship where you think the maneuver lands. Then, check how you did using the maneuver template. This is important because judging maneuvers on a board is slightly different from judging maneuvers on a screen.
  2. Summarize these pictures in a few bullet points. You'll learn it better, and it's easier to remember a few bullet points than a bunch of pictures.
  3. Suppose you had a small or large ship. Your opponent has a small or large ship and has to bank or turn in one direction. Where do you need to put your ship to block most of your opponent's options?

Small Ships

Small Ships: 1 Bank

Small Ships: 2 Bank

Small Ships: 3 Bank

Small Ships: 1 Turn

Small Ships: 2 Turn

Small Ships: 3 Turn

Large Ships

Large Ships: 1 Bank

Large Ships: 2 Bank

Large Ships: 3 Bank

Large Ships: 1 Turn

Large Ships: 2 Turn

Large Ships: 3 Turn

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