Saturday, October 21, 2017

Beginner's Guide to Maneuvers (Updated with medium bases for X-Wing 2.0!)

Note: the small ship and large ship images were made in 1.0 where the U-Wing was a large base. Just pretend it's any other large base ship :)

Maneuvers are the core of X-Wing, and one of the most important skills is being able to figure out where your maneuvers go. Straight maneuvers are pretty easy, since 1 straight is the length of a small ship base or half the length of a large ship base, and they scale up from there. I find judging banks and turns more difficult.

To help with this, I've made some images from VASSAL which shows you where your ships go on banks and turns. I use ship bases as the reference for distance, since you'll have these for reference on an actual board.

To use these images:
  • All maneuvers are from the ship on the bottom-left corner.
  • The orange or blue numbers on the ships along the axis count out the number of ship bases.

Small Ships

Small Ships: 1 Bank

Small Ships: 2 Bank

Small Ships: 3 Bank

Small Ships: 1 Turn

Small Ships: 2 Turn

Small Ships: 3 Turn

Medium Ships

Medium Ships: 1 Bank

Medium Ships: 2 Bank

Medium Ships: 3 Bank

Medium Ships: 1 Turn

Medium Ships: 2 Turn

Medium Ships: 3 Turn

Large Ships

Large Ships: 1 Bank

Large Ships: 2 Bank

Large Ships: 3 Bank

Large Ships: 1 Turn

Large Ships: 2 Turn

Large Ships: 3 Turn

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